nancy zabaneh

I draw from a diverse background in international relations, communications, emotional intelligence and yogic science to create meaningful programs designed to inspire, promote self awareness and facilitate positive change.

- Nancy Zabaneh

Based in Dubai for nearly 20 years, Nancy is a pioneer of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness in the Arab world and an active Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer with the Aquarian Teacher Academy (KRI). Nancy has coordinated the Arabian Gulf's first ever yoga teacher trainings, with plans to hold more in the coming years. She is a Compassionate Inquiry therapist as per the psycho-therapeutic approach founded by renowned physician, Dr. Gabor Maté. Nancy is also part of the Healthy Breast Foundations Program, designed to educate women about breast health and helps to facilitate community classes in Beyond Addiction, an internationally recognized recovery program for addiction. This year, she took part in one of the first ever yoga teacher trainings in Palestine and held retreats in both

Sri Lanka and Zanzibar.  Nancy develops mindfulness initiatives for both public and private sector institutions as well as schools. 'Serve today for a better tomorrow' is a core statement she associates with her mission in the Arab world and beyond.  

Dedicated to spreading awareness in the sphere of conscious living via diverse methodologies, Nancy founded Darshan in 2019, a training, seminar and event curator that builds grassroots connections through its rich calendar of activations designed to render service, education and inspiration. Nancy is also founder of The Red Chair, a platform for raising awareness and pushing boundaries around topical issues.  

Educated at both McGill University and the London School of Economics with an MA in International Relations, Nancy began her career as a corporate banker, progressing into the world of communications and later becoming an independent mentor in the realm of emotional intelligence. A Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP), Timeline Therapy™ and Hypnotherapy, Nancy is a motivational speaker who has headlined across a plethora of media outlets and events in the Arab world.

Known to many by her spiritual name Hari Darshan KaurNancy is married with three children and moves frequently between Dubai, Toronto and London.   

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