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kundalini yoga

When you step into your power and your true authentic self,

you shine. You shine so brightly that the world tries to keep up 

- Shannon Kaiser

In early Eastern practices it was believed that each individual possessed a divine energy at the base of the spine. This energy is something we are born with, but it lies almost dormant in all of us until it is awakened. Kundalini Yoga is the practice of awakening our higher self and turning potential energy into kinetic energy.

Kundalini yoga is a comprehensive technology which offers tools to develop the grit, the grace and the endurance necessary to navigate the challenges of our time. It is a toolkit for working with our latent potential, for self-crystallization and self-actualization. Kundalini yoga develops our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness.


Through the practice of Kundalini Yoga, the nervous system is strengthened, the glands come into balance, intuition awakens, and the mind aligns with spirit.

Known to many by my spiritual name Hari Darshan Kaur, I believe that if we have conquered ourselves, we have conquered the world. Special thanks goes to my mentor, Shiv Charan Singh, without whom I would not be where I am as a teacher.  

A typical class may incorporate a range of sounds and rhythms, combining the breath work, mantra and dynamic movement with carefully designed inspirational material and content around specific themes. We might be jumping and shaking vigorously in one class or heavily focused on conscious breath, sound vibration and inward focus in another. We go beyond the limitations of the mind, paving the way for an often cathartic experience and sense of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual achievement. 

- Nancy Zabaneh

© 2018 Nancy Zabaneh

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