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Nancy draws on her own experiences of healing and awakening as well as over 10 years of integrative study, practice and teaching to support others in realizing their fullest potential. She is passionate about merging Eastern devotional practices with Western relational coaching techniques, teaching students, as well as clients, to spend more time in stillness as the path toward empathy and consciousness. Nancy believes that wellness must involve the complete integration of body, mind and spirit. 


For over 25 years, Nancy has lived, trained and worked in the U.S., U.K., Canada, as well as Europe and the Middle East. She has provided mentoring and coaching in a myriad of public and private settings.  


As a certified Compassionate Inquiry therapist (as per the psycho-therapeutic approach founded by Dr. Gabor Maté), Time Line therapist, Hypnotherapist, Human Relations coach and NLP practitioner, Nancy has helped others realize compassionate connection with the source of their issues. In so doing, she has supported many out of their comfort zones and into a place of greater self awareness, helping to pave the way for authentic change.

I help others to cultivate strength and vitality by combining rigorous physical practice with mindful inward focus, emotional intelligence and self-awareness techniques.  Supporting others to take empowered action to live a full and healthy life in the present moment is one of the primary goals of my work.

- Nancy Zabaneh

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